11. Penelope

Fertility / Conception

102  Penelope was the wife of Odysseus, the king of Ithaca and Greek leader in the Trojan War, a war that lasted 10 years. While Odysseus wandered another 10 years before returning home, and was absent 20 years altogether [n11:1]. In Homer's epic, The Odyssey, Penelope wards off a hoard of greedy vultures—called suitors—who wine and dine in her house at her expense, while picking at Odysseus' remains. Penelope is therefore synonymous with the faithful wife.

103  Well Odysseus has at long last returned to Ithaca! To New York—the 11th state! [n6:67]. After all these years—20 centuries! To reclaim his beloved Penelope—the Statue of Liberty! And to cast out the swine and vermin that have collected in his vineyard! It paints an interesting scenario at least, as I'm referring to Christ. And, as he returns in his 21st year (century), his reconciliation to Penelope becomes a second or spiritual marriage (21) or, second honeymoon (22). As shown by the numbers 20 + 02, or 20 years reciprocally which, add up to 22. (See below.)

104  Thus it's significant that after I developed the idea, I had several dreams about going to New York City. Some were like an all out war, where I found myself up against an evil hoard. Remember the movie, The Warriors? Was I there to clean house? And an onslaught ensued—it was real gory—and none could prevail against me! Sound like Odysseus' homecoming? While in chapter 11 [n1], although based more on The Odyssey in general, I recount my own story.

105  Penelope also portrays androgyny, the joining of the masculine (10) and feminine (01) aspects in marriage: i.e., 10 + 01 = 11. These are the two sides of the human brain, the left side which is rational, and the right side which is intuitive, that come together as a whole. And is exemplified by the number 10 which, when read in English, a language based on the rational sense, that reads from left to right, it would read "10"—or, the height of man's objectivity [n95]. When read in Hebrew, a language based on the intuitive sense, that reads from right to left, it would read "01." This is illustrated further in chapters 8 [n13] and 11 [n329].

106  And so it took Odysseus 10 years to establish his objective: to win the Trojan War. And as he travels from Greece to Asia Minor, from west to east—i.e.,left to right—the number 10 would read "10." As it took another 10 years to get home, from east to west—i.e., right to left—it would read "01." And when added, 10 + 01, you get 11. Odysseus headed home in his 11th year. Similarly, the number 11 portrays the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11. These are called the two candlesticks, which clearly alludes to the number 11. It also represents fertility, regarding The Woman Clothed with the Sun who appears following the testimony of the Two Witnesses and gives birth in Revelation 12 [n110; n3:9].

107  This joining two minds is further illustrated by the thought stream. When one is objective to one's thoughts or, objectivity, it would be like standing on the bank of a stream watching the water flow by—the number "10." When one is subject to or caught up in one's thoughts or, subjectivity, it would be like standing in the middle of or floating down stream—the number "01." Thus by constructing a reservoir, which conveys the masculine or form (10), and filling it with water, the feminine or essence (01), you have Aquarius—The Water Bearer, the 11th sign of the zodiac [n14:50]. Which gives you a place to swim or bathe, with its reference to baptism: and so introduces Pisces—The Fish, the 12th sign [n109]. And here I used to own a freshwater aquarium that represents something similar. It signifies the woman's intellect, as described in Joyce (10) [95], although the number 101 corresponds more to Cindy (3) [n39].

108  Thus it's interesting how Penelope sounds like Peneus, the river god and father of Daphne (1) [n20]. Perhaps Peneus signifies the number 10 or, 10 cents, which is of the understanding, as a river signifies [n20]. To which the addition of one penny, short for Penelope, adds up to 11 cents. And so signifies the reciprocation or completion of the understanding, with respect to Daphne. This can be seen in that Penelope is musically [n3] the same as Sybil (4) [n46]: that part of a woman—her will—that looks the man in the face [n48]. While Penelope herself has the most profound look, which acknowledges her husband or masculine side, to which implicit consent is implied. Of the fourteen Gerarai Penelope has the most profound look, with Sybil a close second.

"Herd the Cows"

12. Judith

Birth / New Doctrine

109  Judith is the feminine of Judah, the 4th son of Jacob and father to the tribe of Judah, from which the Jewish Nation sprang. Similarly, the Virgin Mary was a Jewess, and corresponds to Sybil (4) [n46] or, the 4th. Essentially the reciprocal of Sybil, Judith is more the intellectual, as the number 40 signifies: compared to 04 . . ."474." When added, 40 + 04, you get 44, in accord with Jennifer (2), the man's wife or will. And, in relation to the thought stream—or, Aquarius [n107]—Judith is portayed by Pisces, the 12th sign. Whereby the embryo, which first appears like a fish, emerges from the elements of the womb [n96].

110  While here, in accord with Revelation 12, Judith represents The Advent of the New Church: "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." (verse 1). Where, being "clothed with the sun," according to Swedenborg, signifies the quality of love, of this church to The Lord. And, by "moon under her feet," signifies the New Church in heaven which is about to become manifest on the earth. The two coincide, for a church in heaven can't exist unless a church on earth exists. While the "crown of 12 stars," signifies the wisdom and intelligence—of the understanding—to be associated with it. Note that 12 is harmonically the same as the number 5 [n38], which signifies the understanding or bridegroom [n56]. While I recount my own experience about the New Church in heaven in chapter 6 [n14].

111  "And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to bring forth." verse 2  Swedenborg says the birth of a child signifies the new doctrine, which is about to be brought forth [n3:4]. While the difficulty experienced, is due to its reception by those affiliated with the dragon. verses 3-4  Something similar is signified by Rachel (14) [123], who went into hard labor and died, while giving birth to Benjamin, the 12th son: while journeying from Bethel, to a little way before Ephrath (Bethlehem). Genesis 35:16-20  Similarly, the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem.

112  "And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron." verse 5  And, while this may seem applicable to the Virgin Mary, which it is, it foretells of the church which is yet to come. Similarly, this is the sort of experience that happened to me, as I relate in the next chapter [n5:1]. And although I'm not a woman, it's to be viewed this way, for it portrays the Church of Man [n1:7], often seen as a woman before God: "And I John saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." Revelation 21:2  Swedenborg too had a similar experience, as he relates in The Apocalypse Revealed. He also says that by "rod of iron," signifies the rational comprehension of truth or, the Word. Meaning it's important that we understand and see these things for ourselves, otherwise we are just taking someone else's word for it.

113  And so Dionysus, hence the name Dennis, was named for the divine nurses (Dio/nysus) who cared for him as a little boy. And when thinking of divine nurses, it brings to mind holy hospital, which is another name for church. Dionysus is therefore viewed correspondently with The Church [n1:7]. Thus after determining Judith's name, I recalled the dream I had the night of the rebirth experience: of going to my cousin Judy's house in Fortuna, California [n5:10]. While my cousin recently remarried in 1988, and her husband's name was Ben, which is short for Benjamin, the 12th son!

114  One way to portray the relationship between Judith and Rachel above [n111], is to multiply the number 12 by itself, i.e., Judith x Judith. The number you come up with, 144, corresponds to Sybil (4) [n46] and, the Virgin Mary. Which shows the relation between Rachel (14) and Sybil (4) or, 14:4. Similarly, it portrays Revelation 14: the 144 thousand standing on Mount Zion in verse 1, and the undefiled virgins in verse 4—i.e., chapter 14, verse 4. And here, a virgin signifies someone who hasn't defiled the truth, which are the articles of faith of the New Church. And it follows they haven't defiled themselves with women, for a woman, in the spiritual sense, signifies The Church [n1:7] or, its opposite, The Whore [n48].

115  A number that typifies Judith most is 2112: in accord with Karen (7) [n72], the bride unveiled (Revelation 21), and Judith (12), the advent of the New Church. Revelation 12  Whereby Karen becomes the true bridethe understanding thereof—and directly corresponds to Judith, the New Church. It also portrays the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:12.

116  As I already said, the seventh church will be instituted in the year 2010, 23 years after 1987. Which is partly illustrated by taking the number 2010, and adding the number 0102—its reciprocal [n11:9]. And so joins the masculine and the feminine qualities, in marriage [n105], resulting with the number 2112. The year 2010 also occurs in the 21st century, in accord with Revelation 21 [n6:147]. I have other examples that correlate here, but I won't be relating them now.

"Tend the Sheep"

13. Leah

Ultimate in the Man

117  Leah was the sister of Rachel [n123], the two daughters of Laban, and two wives of Jacob. Leah was the oldest, and through the deceit of Laban, was sent into Jacob's tent on his wedding night. Jacob was supposed to marry Rachel, who he loved and served Laban seven years for, i.e., work. Leah signifies the woman manifest in the man, as she resides within. Which is actually the man himself, in his ultimate relating with her. What will be illustrated as follows:

118  Basically there are four elements that go into the celestial marriage, the highest aspect of marriage [n51]. These are the joining of two minds, reciprocally, signified by Penelope (11) [n105]; the birth of a child or doctrine, attesting to the consummation of marriage, signified by Judith (12) [n111]; the woman manifest in the man, or his ultimate relating with his wife, signified by Leah (13); and, the man manifest in the woman or her ultimate relating with her husband, signified by Rachel (14) [n123].

119  This also compares to the construction of a house which, is synonymous with building a church. Penelope signifies the procurement of the courtyard or grounds, including the foundation: secured by the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11, and comparable to Odysseus' wanderings. Judith signifies the construction of the house, or its exteriors, as it rests on the foundation—i.e., The Church [n1:7]. Leah signifies the house as to its interiors, central to the living room area: Leah was the tender eyed one. Rachel signifies the comings and goings into the bedroom, or its interiors: she was renowned for her beauty and was the beloved of Jacob.

120  As for Leah and Rachel, I'm suggesting beauty is an interior quality. And as the bedroom is the most interior part of a house, as privacy dictates, it corresponds most to Rachel. It could also be said Leah had bedroom eyes, which represents the draw the woman has on the man, as she leads him into the bedroom, where Rachel resides, i.e., Rachel was the interior of Leah.

121  Leah is also the realization of Penelope, who signifies implicit consent [n108]. Leah becomes the full realization of this, as well as a state of its exploration, and is synonymous with assured faith. It's similar to what transpires in Revelation 13, involving the beast out of the sea and the false prophet, who perform a thorough examination—and try the New Church—as to its tenets of faith and doctrine, otherwise known as persecution.

122  A number that best exemplifies Leah is 55: which reflects the full realization of the husband (5), in conjunction with his wife Penelope (11) [n102], and is 5 x 11. It's further illustrated when multiplying 5 by itself (5 x 5). What you come up with is 25, Penelope's number which, when multiplied by 5 again (5 x 5 x 5), becomes 125, Leah's number. And so shows Penelope fully realized—and, the woman manifest in the man.

"Milk the Goats"

14. Rachel

Ultimate in the Woman

123  Rachel was the younger sister of Leah, the two wives of Jacob and daughters of Laban. As we know, Rachel was Jacob's beloved, and they were to marry after Jacob worked for Laban for seven years. Genesis 29:15-28  Afterwards, Jacob was presented with Leah instead of Rachel on his wedding night. This was accomplished through Laban's deceit, which Jacob didn't find out until the next morning. As Laban put it, it was improper to give the younger before the firstborn in his country and, that Jacob needed to fulfill a week with Leah first, before he would give him Rachel to wife. And Jacob would have to serve an additional seven years to account for Rachel. Needless to say Jacob served Laban for fourteen years altogether—but, mostly for Rachel's sake, for she was who he truly loved.

124  Hence it is the number 14 corresponds to Rachel. It's also a number which joins the man's intellect (1), to the woman's will (4), the two strengths of the couple that become united in true love—as Rachel signifies [n3:7]. The number 56 is also Rachel's number and suggests something similar: the joining of the bridegroom (5), with the bride (6) [n3:8]. While the number 567, in accord with Karen [n72], portrays the marriage (7). Which then proceeds to the honeymoon (8), with the numbers 5678 and 78 [n77,83].

125  Likewise the numbers 15 and 46 correspond, and signify the man in conjunction with his father (15), and the woman in conjunction with her mother (46)—which, when reduced, portray the man's father (1) and the woman's mother (4). By which the numbers 1 and 4 combine to form Rachel (14). The same holds true for the numbers 51 and 64, the reciprocals of 15 and 46 which, when reduced, become 9 and 8. And when combined, they form 98, which is also Rachel's number.

126  As I said in Leah, Rachel is the man manifest in the woman [n118], which is the woman herself in celestial marriage. And, as Leah signifies the interior of the house, central to the living room area and leading into the bedroom, Rachel signifies the bedroom itself or, its interior, as it extends into all parts of the house. Rachel is therefore set in charge of what is conjugial in the relationship. Which seems fitting for the man should work in concert with the woman's consent, and await the times when she's most in heat (estrus) and willing to receive him. And as the woman has to bear the children, it seems fitting that they be conceived in a state conducive of her inmost affection. The children would then be wanted. One thing that furthers the idea or, so I have heard, is the Virgin Mary was 14 years old when she conceived Jesus!

"Let the Horses in"